How To Prevent A Dryer-Lint Fire and Possibly Save Lives.

Typically, there are approximately 15,000 fires each year that are directly related to the combustion of dryer lint. These result in about two dozen deaths and nearly 400 injuries, not to mention all the physical damage to homes and businesses.


The solution is easy and inexpensive

At Us Duct Cleaners, we take this hazard very seriously and urge you to ask for our help. We’ll provide you with regular dryer-vent maintenance, whether you have commercial or residential clothes dryers.

We’re a dynamic business that has served this community for many years. Our highly skilled technicians have plenty of experience in performing dryer-vent maintenance.


How problems can develop

When the lint trap or dryer vent, along with the accompanying ductwork for the exhaust, are not cleaned regularly, the risk of fire increases.

That’s because when lint is trapped in any of these areas, it builds up and can block the flow of air. Fires can then result from excessive heat built-up in these clogged areas of your .

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What to look for:

If you notice any of the following warning signs, call us and we’ll provide a free inspection and, if needed, a free estimate.

  • When the dryer is on, the flapper on the vent hood does not open.
  • Clothes removed from the dryer at the end of the cycle are hotter than normal.
  • Clothes (especially jeans or towels) take multiple or longer cycles to dry.


Dryer-vent fires can also be caused by:

  • Improper installation resulting in insufficient airflow
  • Failure of mechanical and/or electrical dryer parts
  • Improper placement of items in the dryer


Fires aren’t the only problem

Overheating caused by reduced airflow and lint build-up can also affect your dryer’s efficiency, thus costing you money.

When safety switches malfunction and exhibit continuous cycles of on-and-off, they can fail over time. Not only will this lead to higher operation costs, but it could also cause an expensive, dangerous fire.


Contact us today!

To ensure the continuous safety of your dryer, our skilled specialists at Us Duct Cleaners will clean your dryer-vent and ductwork on a regular, scheduled basis, utilizing specialized tools and procedures. We can also repair or replace these components if warranted.

With Us Duct Cleaners, you can expect the best customer service possible to meet all of your residential and commercial ductwork needs.


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